*Feel my Pain*

My being is the flamelet  of a flambeau flaked into fumes flagitiously;

I’m Identified as a flam wax that gets flaggy when flameout,

Oh yes!!! I’m that flair being with flaccid flagrant.

*Merald’s Ink*


It’s her BIRTHDAY🎂😍🎁🎉💝

My school Mama faith shine

Even if we aren’t related by bloodline

She has always been the sweetest guardian 

I’ve ever known.
When enemies drew their battle line

She blew them off like chalk line(s).

Mama Princess from the royal line

I heart her so much when we wine and dine,

She isn’t a crew to the legion dieter(s),

Just like a reiter 

Protecting its country

My Mama Faith is a prayer fighter.

I hope she can wait till we get to the reception line

Where foods et drinks like the…

Sweet melon wine

Burgundy wine

Celery pine

Awaits her on cloud nine.

Oh my Mama Princess pine,

She’s one knotty pine

That radiates like a cypress vine.

Never you decline her social line

‘Cos when she cracks a joke

You’ll be inverted with commas.

Adediran Emisal Zainab  Adebunmi Pearl {Merald’s Ink}.

  Pm:   No one holds a candle to you on your birthday. That’s because you’re probably already hot from all the candles on your cake. Now I’m Adding more candles to your cake.

I am wishing it was my birthday on your birthday. But since it’s your birthday, I’ll keep the presents and you keep the age. One more thing is that

I understand if you don’t want to tell me your true age. However, I have a math problem for you to help me with. If I’m __ years old now, how old will you be when I turn 100 years old?


I Zainab Pearlmisal still remain your lovely school daughter:):);) .




It all started years back

I was *Afraid* of the *Walls*, 

Not the *Fictitious* wall

But its metaphor;

The *Walls* represents the *School*

One of the creatures in it 

Are *Beings*
Some are *Muslims* OR *Christians* by Religion

Some are *Activists* OR *Cultists* by Society

Some are *Lecturers* OR *Professors* by Profession

As I pass through these *Walls*

I realise that

If you find yourself in between these *Walls*

Consider yourself being in another *planet*.
Here I found myself

In the world of *Trials*

Even as I try hard to avoid these *Trials*

There are these *Faces*







That wouldn’t let me

Bee Bee Bee

I heard in a land faraway

I thought it was an illusion

But I woke to reality

From my slumber 

A Reverend arrested at the ICU

I was told 

In no time 

I found my legs carrying me as fast as they could

He tried

I tried

She tried 

They tried

We all tried 

To bring him back 

But he wouldn’t come with us

He compressed without stopping;

She pushed *Ad.* without counting

I bagged without Asking

They all tried to

Bring him back

But he wouldn’t come with us……….

 The phelth was fading away

The values dropping 

The *Bp* stopped reading

The bag…………….

The bag kept expanding without reducing;

We all doubled up our game 


He wouldn’t come with us

After so much plea……………

He’s gone……………

I muttered;

Time of death,

   The bag froze in between my palm 

I stood 

Couldn’t move……

Couldn’t feel my legs that were 

Rooted to the floor,

He’s different 

I thought …………..

He is my first

This year……

Wanna stop writing 

But these *Faces*

Keep filling my pen 

With Ink………

Six days after that *Inherent*

I could be spotted among my colleague

Smiling so bright

I was called upon few minutes

To the *Time* I’ll be leaving these *Walls* 

In the middle of two men 

I ran along with them

Getting closer 

I slowed my pace 

From afar 

I sighted her 

Laying helplessly

She’s different………

Hands dropped by the *Side*

Face so *Pale*

Body so *Rigid*
 From the distance between us

I could tell she’s gone;

Looking around 

I saw these *Faces*

Those *Faces*

Same *Faces*

All looking sober

I and my team 

Tried bringing her back with us

But it was too late………
She didn’t wait for us 

She couldn’t, even if she wants to

She’s gone;

I gabbled,

Time of death


I babbled 

My second this year was all

 I twaddled.

I’ve tried to 

Dry up my ink that won’t stop filling

But I can’t 

I’ve only been allowed to pause

For a while…………………

    Adediran Emisal Zainab Adebunmi

   {Pearlmisal (Merald’s ink)}.